Carl Hiaasen Readalikes

Fans of Carl Hiaasen's zany crime capers set in the steamy South will enjoy these authors who mix humor and suspense in stories filled with outlandish characters and wacky plot twists. All of these titles are located in the Adult Mystery section of the Library unless otherwise noted.

Barclay, Linwood. Bad Move. 2004.

Barry, Dave. Big Trouble. 1999. (Adult Fiction BAR).

Bartholomew, Nancy. The Miracle Strip. 1998.

Barton, Dan. Killer Material. 2000.

Bazell, Josh. Beat the Reaper. 2009. (Adult Fiction BAZ).
     Also available: eAudiobook

Born, James O. Walking Money. 2004. (Adult Fiction BOR).

Bruno, Anthony. Devil’s Food. 1997. 

Causey, Toni McGee. Bobbie Faye’s Very (Very, Very, Very) Bad Day. 2007.
(Adult Fiction CAU).

Cavanagh, Thomas B. Head Games. 2007.

Dorsey, Tim. Florida Roadkill. 1999. (Adult Fiction DOR).

Forman, Steven M. Boca Knights. 2009.
     Also available: Large Type

Gagliano, Anthony. Straits of Fortune. 2007. (Adult Fiction GAG).

Gavin, Rick. Ranchero. 2011.

Hanson, Rick. Still Life. 1996.

Jackson, Hialeah. The Alligator’s Farewell. 1999.

Kelby, N. M. Whale Season. 2006. (Adult Fiction KEL).

Lecard, Marc. Vinnie’s Head. 2007. (Adult Fiction LEC).

Leonard, Elmore. Tishomingo Blues. 2002.
     Also available: Large Type 

Liss, David. The Ethical Assassin. 2006.
     Also available: CD, eAudiobook

Martin, Man. Paradise Dogs. 2011. (Adult Fiction MAR).

Morris, Bob. Bahamarama. 2004.

Paolini, Nicole. Swamp Gas. 2000. (Adult Fiction PAO).

Rehder, Ben. Guilt Trip. 2005

Shames, Laurence. The Naked Detective. 2000. (Adult Fiction SHA).

Smith, Mark Haskell. Salty. 2007. (Adult Fiction SMI).

Swain, James. Sucker Bet. 2003.

Swanson, Doug J. 96 Tears. 1996.

Vorhaus, John. The California Roll. 2010.

Westlake, Donald E. What’s So Funny?. 2007.
     Also available: CD

White, Randy Wayne. The Heat Islands. 1992.