Jewish Mysteries

Enjoy these crime stories which incorporate Jewish sleuths, settings, and situations. All of these titles are located in the Adult Mystery section of the Library unless otherwise noted.

Baron, Michael. Mourning Sexton. 2005. (Fiction BAR).
When Jewish lawyer David Hirsch returns from serving a seven year imprisonment for embezzlement, he is both contrite and committed to his newly rediscovered Jewish faith. When asked by a man in his minyan to pursue a product liability case he discovers a cold-blooded murder may be at the root of it and some of his former legal acquaintances may be involved.
Bayer, William. Pattern Crimes. 1987.
When the strangely disfigured bodies of a young prostitute, a nun and an Arab boy are found, it looks like Jerusalem is experiencing its first serial killer. David Bar-Lev, chief of the Pattern Crimes Unit is not so sure, especially when evidence seems to point to his own life.
Black, Cara. Murder in the Marais. 1999.
Young Aimee Leduc is a French private eye who specializes in code breaking and computer analyses along with Rene, her dwarf partner. When she is approached by a rabbi to decipher a 50 year-old photograph and deliver it to a resident of the Marais, she is shocked to find the recipient dead and clues pointing to a 50 year-old crime and the Gestapo.
Brill, Toni. Date With a Plummeting Publisher. 1993.
Divorced Jewish writer Midge Cohen dates a publisher of Russian literature on Wednesday, and today he is in the obituaries. Is it just bad luck? Delightful protagonist with a yenta widowed mother who keeps fixing her up with deadbeats, this time literally.
Ceren, Sandra L. Prescription for Terror. 1999.
Dr. Cory Cohen, a Jewish psychologist turned sleuth must face her own private demons when one of her patients becomes a victim of a ruthless San Diego rapist. This is the first in a series by a practicing clinical psychologist who is a frequently quoted expert in her field.
    Other titles in the series:
        Secrets from the Couch. 2002.
Chafets, Zev. Inherit the Mob. 1991. (Fiction CHA)
In this delicious caper, lawyer William Gordon returns to claim his bequest from his dear Uncle Max, little knowing that it is the mob he has inherited. When the Italian contingent of the mafia looks unkindly on this development, the geriatric remnants of Max’s Jewish gang come to his aid. Full of wacky characters.
Cohen, Nancy J. Permed to Death. 1999.
Jewish salon owner, Marla, was already having a bad hair day, but when one of her clients dies while getting a perm at her salon and she is accused of poisoning the coffee creamer—her day just can’t get any worse. This new book is the first in a series set in the south Florida salon of Marla Shore.
    Other titles in the series:
        Hair Raiser. 2000.
        Murder by Manicure. 2001.
        Body Wave. 2002.
        Highlights to Heaven. 2003.
        Died Blonde. 2004.
        Dead Roots. 2005.
        Perish by Pedicure. 2006.
        Killer Knots. 2007.
Coleman, Reed Farrel. Redemption Street: A Moe Prager Mystery. 2004.
Moe Prager, former cop turned wine merchant and perhaps the only licensed Jewish private eye in Manhattan returns to the scene of his childhood vacations in the “borscht belt” of the Catskills to investigate a long ago hotel fire that killed several people including a high school crush of his. This, the second in the series, blends a classic whodunit with a gritty realistic procedural.
    Other titles in the series:
        Walking the Perfect Square. 2002.
        The James Deans. 2005.
        Soul Patch. 2007.
        Empty Ever After. 2008.
Criminal Kabbalah: An Intriguing Anthology of Jewish Mystery and Detective Fiction. 2001. (Mystery 813.087208 C).
This sequel to Mystery Midrash is another anthology of 13 mystery stories touching on various aspects of Judaism, with selections from Rochelle Krich, Sandra Levy Ceren and more.
Delman, David. He Who Digs a Grave. 1973.
Jewish homicide lieutenant Jacob Horowitz and his wife Helen work hand in hand in many of these novels to solve the crime.
    Other titles in the series:
        One Man’s Murder. 1975.
        The Nice Murderers. 1977.
        Murder in the Family. 1985.
        The Last Gambit. 1991.
Engel, Howard. The Suicide Murders. 1980.
Benny Cooperman, a small town Jewish Private Eye from Grantham, Ontario, is a kinder, gentler sort of detective.
    Other titles in the series:
        The Ransom Game. 1981.
        A Murder On Location. 1982.
        Murder Sees the Light. 1984.
        A City Called July. 1986.
        A Victim Must Be Found. 1988.
        Dead and Buried. 1990.
        There Was an Old Woman. 1993.
        Getting Away With Murder. 1998.
        Cooperman Variations. 2002.
        Memory Book. 2006.
Epstein, Carole. Perilous Friends. 1996.
Fans of Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum series will enjoy this series set in Montreal and featuring Barbara Simons, a recently downsized airline PR executive who lives on Diet Cokes and cigarettes. A sexy police detective hovers on the outskirts of both books and the romantic relationships of all women involved are cleverly described. Witty dialogue, “Jewish family dynamics,” Montreal scenery and beautiful clothes make for an interesting, fast-paced series.
    Other titles in the series:
        Perilous Relations. 1997.
Friedman, Kinky. Greenwich Killing Time. 1986.
Irreverent and outrageous, these mysteries are by the musician/author who refers to himself as a Texas Jewboy and casts himself as the private eye.
    Other titles in the series:
        A Case of Lone Star. 1987.
        When the Cat’s Away. 1988.
        Frequent Flyer. 1989.
        Musical Chairs. 1991.
        Elvis, Jesus & Coca Cola. 1993.
        Armadillos and Old Lace. 1994.
        God Bless John Wayne. 1995.
        Love Song of J. Edgar Hoover. 1996.
        Road Kill. 1997.
        Blast from the Past. 1998.
        Spanking Watson. 1999.
        The Mile High Club. 2000.
        Steppin’ on a Rainbow. 2001.
        Meanwhile Back at the Ranch. 2002.
        Curse of the Missing Puppet Head. 2003
        Kill Two Birds and Get Stoned. 2003.
        Prisoner of Vandam Street. 2004.
        Ten Little New Yorkers. 2005.
        The Christmas Pig. 2006. (Fiction FRI).
Gur, Batya. The Saturday Morning Murder: A Psychoanalytic Case. 1992.
When Chief Inspector Michael Ohayon is called on to investigate the murder of a senior analyst at the Jerusalem Psychoanalytic Institute, his finely-tuned memory and other skills aid him in this first of a series.
    Other titles in the series:
        Literary Murder: A Critical Case. 1993.
        Murder on a Kibbutz. 1994.
        Murder Duet: A Musical Case. 1999.
        Bethlehem Road Murder. 2004.
        Murder in Jerusalem. 2006. Also available: eBook
Handler, David. The Cold Blue Blood. 2001.
Chubby Jewish film critic, Mitch Berger, and gorgeous African American state trooper Desiree Mitry team up in this series of mysteries set primarily in Dorset Conn. When Mitch rents an old carriage house on a small island near Dorset following his wife’s death, he gets more than he bargained for including a ditzy landlady who has secrets to hide including a corpse in the garden.
    Other titles in the series:
        The Hot Pink Farmhouse. 2002.
        The Bright Silver Star. 2003.
        The Burnt Orange Sunrise. 2004.
        The Sweet Golden Parachute. 2006.
        The Sour Cherry Surprise. 2008.
Harris, Lee. The Bar Mitzvah Murder : A Christine Bennett Mystery. 2004.
Also available: Large Type
Christine joins her best friend Melanie Gross on a trip to Jerusalem to celebrate Melanie’s wealthy cousin Gabe’s Bar Mitzvah. Upon arrival they find that Gabe has disappeared without a trace, and the trail leads to a cold and cunning killer.
Haymon, S.T. Death and the Pregnant Virgin. 1980.
Inspector Ben Jurnet, converting to Judaism so that he can marry his beloved Miriam, is an English detective in the fine tradition of P.D. James.
    Other titles in the series:
        Ritual Murder. 1982.
        Stately Homicide. 1984.
        Death of a God. 1987.
        A Very Particular Murder. 1989.
        Death of a Warrior Queen. 1991.
        A Beautiful Death. 1993.
        Death of a Hero. 1996.
Herst, Roger. Woman of the Cloth. 1998.
Written by a rabbi, this is the story of a female rabbi who solves two seemingly unrelated sex crimes and therein imperils her career and personal happiness.
Kahn, Michael. The Canaan Legacy. 1988.
Funny female Jewish attorney, Rachel Gold, has opened a solo practice of civil litigation in a trendy neighborhood of St. Louis.
    Other titles in the series:
        Death Benefits. 1992.
        Firm Ambitions. 1994.
        Due Diligence. 1995.
        Sheer Gall. 1996.
        Bearing Witness. 2000.
        Trophy Widow. 2002.
Kahn, Sharon. Fax Me a Bagel. 1998.
A first mystery, featuring Ruby the rabbi’s wife, is a delightful cozy set in Eternal, Texas. Ruby, a widow, watches in horror as an acquaintance drops dead at her feet in a bagel shop. The owner of the shop, a friend of Ruby and her late husband, is accused of the murder, and Ruby sets out to prove his innocence.
    Other titles in the series:
        Never Nosh a Matzo Ball. 2000.
        Don’t Cry for Me Hot Pastrami. 2001.
        Hold the Cream Cheese, Kill the Lox. 2002. Also available: Large Type
        Which Big Giver Stole the Chopped Liver. 2004. Also available: Large Type
        Out of the Frying Pan, Into the Choir. 2006.
Kaminsky, Stuart M. Lieberman’s Folly. 1991.
Abe Lieberman is a 60-ish Jewish police detective in Chicago, an insomniac who is addicted to crossword puzzles and old movies.
    Other titles in the series:
        Lieberman’s Choice. 1993.
        Lieberman’s Day. 1994.
        Lieberman’s Thief. 1995.
        Lieberman’s Law. 1996.
        The Big Silence. 2000. Also available: Large Type
        Not Quite Kosher. 2002. Also available: Large Type
        The Last Dark Place. 2004.
        Terror Town. 2006. Also available: Large Type
        The Dead Don't Lie. 2007. Also available: Large Type
Kellerman, Faye. The Ritual Bath. 1986. Also available: Large Type, eBook
This is the first of the award-winning series featuring Peter Decker, an LAPD detective and ethnic Jew raised as a Baptist and Rena Lazarus, a young Orthodox Jewish widow with two sons.
    Other titles in the series:
        Sacred and Profane. 1987. Also available: eBook
        Milk and Honey. 1990. Also available: Large Type, CD, eBook
        Day of Atonement. 1992. Also available: CD
        False Prophet. 1992. Also available: Large Type, eBook
        Grievous Sin. 1993. Also available: Large Type, Cassette, eAudiobook
        Sanctuary. 1994. Also available: Cassette, eBook
        Justice. 1995. Also available: Large Type, Cassette, eBook
        Prayers for the Dead. 1996. Also available: Large Type, Cassette, eBook
        Serpent’s Tooth. 1997. Also available: Large Type, Cassette, eBook
        Jupiter’s Bones. 1999. Also available: Large Type, CD, Cassette
        Stalker. (featuring Cindy Decker) 2000. Also available: CD, Cassette, eBook
        The Forgotten. 2001. Also available: Large Type, CD, Cassette, eBook
        Stone Kiss. 2002. Also available: Large Type, CD, Cassette, eBook
        Street Dreams (featuring Cindy Decker). 2003. Also available: Large Type, CD,
             Cassette, eBook
        The Burnt House. 2007. Also available: Large Type, CD, eBook
        The Mercedes Coffin. 2008. Also available: Large Type, CD, eBook
        Blindman's Bluff. 2009. Also available: Large Type, CD
Kemelman, Harry. Friday the Rabbi Slept Late. 1964. Also available: Cassette
Rabbi David Small of Barnard’s Crossing, MA, has more than his usual activities to attend to. Sometimes he must deal with murder in this Edgar Award winning series.
    Other titles in the series:
        Saturday the Rabbi Went Hungry. 1966. Also available: Large Type, Cassette
        Sunday the Rabbi Stayed Home. 1969. Also available: Large Type, CD, Cassette
        Monday the Rabbi Took Off. 1972. Also available: Large Type, Cassette
        Tuesday the Rabbi Saw Red. 1973. Also available: CD, Cassette
        Wednesday the Rabbi Got Wet. 1976. Also available: Cassette
        Thursday the Rabbi Walked Out. 1978.
        Conversations with Rabbi Small. 1981. Also available: Cassette
        Someday the Rabbi Will Leave. 1985. Also available: Large Type, Cassette
        One Fine Day the Rabbi Bought a Cross. 1987. Also available: Large Type,  
        The Day the Rabbi Resigned. 1992. Also available: Large Type, Cassette
        That Day the Rabbi Left Town. 1996.
Krich, Rochelle. Fair Game. 1993.
The Curare Killer, a serial killer whose victims are determined by the moves in a popular board game, tests the mettle of LAPD homicide detective Jessie Davis. This is the first of a series which blends suspense with Orthodox Judaism, and features a policewoman who has discovered her Jewish roots.
    Other titles in the series:
        Angel of Death. 1994.
        Blood Money. 1999.
        Dead Air. 2000.
        Shadows of Sin. 2001.
Another series by Rochelle Krich features crime reporter Molly Blume:
    Titles in the series:
        Blues in the Night. 2002. Also available: Large Type, Cassette, eAudiobook
        Dream House. 2003. Also available: Casssette
        Grave Endings. 2004. Also available: eAudiobook
        Now You See Me. 2005. Also available: CD, eAudiobook
Lakin, Rita. Getting Old is Murder. 2005.
The first in the Gladdy Gold series finds 75 year old Gladdy and her band of eccentric fellow Fort Lauderdale retirees set on solving murders.
    Other titles in the series:
        Getting Old is the Best Revenge. 2006. Also available: Large Type
        Getting Old is Criminal. 2007. Also available: Large Type
        Getting Old is to Die For. 2008. Also available: Large Type
        Getting Old is a Disaster. 2008. Also available: Large Type
Land, Jon. The Walls of Jericho. 1997. (Fiction LAN)
When Arab-American cop Ben Kamal returns to the West Bank from Detroit he is given a mission to find the serial killer who’s stalking the ancient city of Jericho. In a rare moment of cooperation the Arabs and Israelis agree to work together on the case, and Ben finds himself partnered with beautiful Danielle Barnea, a member of the Israelis’ crack Shin Bet security force. All titles are shelved in Fiction.
    Other titles in the series:
        The Pillars of Solomon. 1999.
        Walk in the Darkness. 2000.
        Keepers of the Gate. 2001.
        Blood Diamonds. 2002.
        The Blue Widows. 2003.
        Last Prophecy. 2004.
Lester, Julius. The Autobiography of God. 2004. (Fiction LES)
Rebecca Nachman, a counselor at a small Vermont college and former rabbi, has come into possession of a Torah scroll, the last relic of Czechowa, a village of Polish Jews who were exterminated by the Nazis. When one of her students is found murdered, she delves into the mystery while at the same time reading this “autobiography of God” and dealing with the spirits of the villagers who visit her.
Levitsky, Ronald. The Love That Kills. 1991.
Civil rights lawyer Nate Rosen travels all over the country defending some of the most obnoxious clients in his defense of the First Amendment while, at the same time, struggling with his own faith and the Jewish home he left behind.
    Other titles in the series:
        The Wisdom of the Serpents. 1992.
        Stone Boy. 1993.
        The Innocence that Kills. 1994.
        The Spirit That Kills. 1993.
Liss, David. A Conspiracy of Paper. 2000. Also available: Large Type
This historical mystery is set in 18th century London and features Benjamin Weaver, a Portuguese Jew and former prizefighter and criminal who has become an independent protector, guardian and constable for hire.
    Other titles in the series:
        A Spectacle of Corruption. 2004.
        The Devil's Company. 2009.
Lyons, Arthur. The Dead Are Discreet. 1974.
These feature Jacob Asch, a Jewish-Episcopalian ex-reporter private eye from Los Angeles.
    Other titles in the series:
        The Killing Floor. 1976.
        Dead Ringer. 1977.
        Castles Burning. 1979.
        Hard Trade. 1981.
        At the Hands of Another. 1983.
        Three With a Bullet. 1984.
        Fast Fade. 1987.
        False Pretenses. 1994.
Meyers, Maan. The Dutchman. 1992
This, the first of a historical mystery series, is set in 17th Century New York . The protagonist is Pieter Tonneman, who is sheriff of the island and has a Jewish wife. Meyers goes on to follow the Tonneman clan through history.
    Other titles in the series:
        The High Constable. 1994.
        The Dutchman’s Dilemma. 1995.
        The House on Mulberry Street. 1996.
        The Lucifer Contract. 1998.
        The Organ Grinder. 2008.
Murder is No Mitzvah. 2004. (Mystery 813.0872 M)
Much of this award-winning collection of short mystery stories originally appeared in Ellery Queen’s Mystery Magazine and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine and are set against a background of Jewish occasions. The authors range from a classic by Arthur Conan Doyle to contemporary authors Max Allen Collins and Michael Kahn.
Mystery Midrash: An Anthology of Jewish Mystery and Detective Fiction. 1999.
(Mystery 813.0872 M)
These mystery stories feature Jewish characters and Jewish issues. Included is excellent work from such stars of the genre as Stuart Kaminsky, Faye Kellerman, and Howard Engel, but lesser knowns such as Tony Brill and Richard Fliegel also contribute quality stories.
Nadelson, Reggie. Red Hot Blues. 1995.
This series features a Russian born Jewish cop, Artie Cohen, who turns into a P.I. in Bloody London.
    Other titles in the series:
        Hot Poppies. 1999.
        Bloody London. 1999.
        Sex Dolls. 2002.
        Disturbed Earth. 2004.
        Red Hook. 2005.
        Fresh Kills. 2006.
        Londongrad. 2009.
Newman, Sharan. Death Comes as Epiphany. 1993. Also available: Cassette
The first in a medieval mystery series featuring Catherine Le Vendeur who had been raised as a Catholic and had even studied under the famous Heloise and Abelard, only to discover that her family is Jewish. Very authentic details of medieval life and death.
    Other titles in the series:
        The Devil’s Door. 1994. Also available: Cassette
        The Wandering Arm. 1995. Also available: Cassette
        Strong as Death. 1996. Also available: Cassette
        Cursed in the Blood. 1998. Also available: Cassette
        The Difficult Saint. 1999.
        To Wear the White Cloak. 2000.
        Heresy. 2002.
        Outcast Dove. 2003.
        The Witch in the Well. 2005.
Piesman, Marissa. Personal Effects. 1991.
What’s a Jewish mother to do when her wisecracking, 40ish Bronx-born lawyer daughter, Nina Fischman, continues to get mixed up in murder and mayhem. And she isn’t even married yet.
    Other titles in the series:
        Heading Uptown. 1993.
        Close Quarters. 1994.
        Alternate Sides. 1995.
        Survival Instincts. 1997.
Ramsay, Frederick. Artscape. 2004.
Ike Schwartz, ex-CIA agent, returns to his hometown to become the first Jewish sheriff in rural Picketsville, Virginia, and ends up investigating the theft of a multimillion-dollar art collection from the local college.
    Other titles in the series:
        Secrets. 2005.
        Buffalo Mountain. 2007.
        Stranger Room. 2008.
        Choker. 2009.
Resnicow, Herbert. The Gold Solution. 1983.
In this, the first of a series, Alexander Gold, recovering from a cardiac problem must turn his puzzle loving talents to solving a murder. Along with his wife Norma, the Golds form a team which could be the Jewish version of Nick and Nora Charles.
    Other titles in the series:
        The Gold Deadline. 1984.
        The Gold Frame. 1984.
        The Gold Curse. 1986.
        The Gold Gamble. 1988.
Roe, Caroline. Remedy for Treason. 1998.
In medieval Spain, the blind Jewish physician Isaac of Girona is revered for his skill as a healer. But it’s Isaac’s uncanny sense for what is fair and what is foul that proves to be the cure in this, the first book in the “Chronicles of Isaac of Girona”.
    Other titles in the series:
        Cure for a Charlatan. 1999.
        An Antidote for Avarice. 1999.
        Solace for a Sinner. 2000.
        A Potion for a Widow. 2001.
        Draught for a Dead Man. 2002.
        Poultice for a Healer. 2003.
        Consolation for an Exile. 2004.
Rosen, Dorothy and Sidney. Death and Blintzes. 1985.
When newly widowed Belle Appleman sees the floating body of a Boston’s Classic Clothing Co. co-worker, she knows something isn’t kosher and decides to investigate. Set in the mid-1930s this is an evocative story of an irrepressible garment worker/sleuth.
    Other titles in the series:
        Death and Strudel. 2000.
Rosenbaum, David. Zaddik. 1993. (Fiction ROS)
Ex-NYPD cop Dov Taylor is called upon to recover the Seer’s Stone, a magnificent 72-carat diamond stolen from one of New York’s most closed communities, the Hasidim. The gem has fallen into the hands of a former Nazi and notorious war criminal known as the Magician, whom Dov must pursue through New York’s many strange worlds.
Rosenberg, Robert. Crimes of the City. 1991.
Featuring Jerusalem CID Commander Avram Cohen, these mysteries combine police procedural with the pacing of a thriller.
    Other titles in the series:
        The Cutting Room. 1993.
        House of Guilt. 1996.
        An Accidental Murder. 1999.
Roth, Laurence. Inspecting Jews: American Jewish Detective Stories. 2004.
In this nonfiction book, Professor Roth, an assistant professor of English and Jewish studies at Susquehanna University discusses the place of American Jewish detectives in the pantheon of modern mysteries. 813.087209 R
Silva, Daniel. The Kill Artist. 2000. Also available: CD
Gabriel Allon, art restorer and ex-Israeli Intelligence agent is once again recruited by the Mossad, this time to prevent the Palestinian sociopath Tariq from executing any more Israelis. This series hero is a man sick to death of violence who time and again finds himself wearing the mantle of a ‘Kill Artist.” All titles are shelved in Fiction.
    Other titles in the series:
        The English Assassin. 2002. Also available: Large Type, CD, Cassette
        The Confessor. 2003. Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook
        A Death in Vienna. 2004. Also available: Large Type, CD
        Prince of Fire. 2005. Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook
        The Messenger. 2006. Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook
        The Secret Servant. 2007. Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook
        Moscow Rules. 2008. Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook
        The Defector. 2009. Also available: Large Type, CD
Simon, Michael. Dirty Sally.2004. Also available: CD
As the only New York Jew on the Austin (Tx) homicide unit, Detective Dan Reles strives to overcome the isolation of his fellow good ole boy comrades while solving the death of a local prostitute whose body parts are being systematically delivered to members of the Texas elite.
    Other titles in the series:
        Body Scissors. 2005.
        Little Faith. 2006.
        The Last Jew Standing. 2007.
Simon, Roger L. Wild Turkey. 1974.
This the second of the Moses Wine Hippie/Jewish Private Eye series, has Moses working with a journalist to discover whether a controversial writer committed suicide or was murdered. These books are structured in the traditional private eye style with a hip, wise-cracking sleuth. In Raising the Dead, Moses is older and confronting his Jewish faith in an Israeli setting.
    Other titles in the series:
        The Big Fix. 1973.
        Peking Duck. 1979.
        California Roll. 1985.
        The Straight Man. 1986.
        Raising the Dead. 1988.
        Lost Coast. 1997.
        Director’s Cut. 2003.
Smith, J.C.S. Jacoby’s First Case. 1980.
A lonely retired transit cop living in a Bronx co-op, Quentin Jacoby, links up with a young amateur detective to solve the murder of a young woman he had met at a racetrack the night before. For fans of the Rabbi Small books, Jacoby is an eminently wise and caring sleuth.
    Other titles in the series:
        Nightcap: A Quentin Jacoby Mystery. 1984.
Smith, Julie. Death Turns a Trick. 1982.
Attorney Rebecca Schwartz, a nice Jewish girl from Marin County, begins her first enterprise into sleuthing by playing the piano in a feminist bordello.
    Other titles in the series:
        The Sourdough Wars. 1984.
        Tourist Trap. 1986.
        Dead in the Water. 1991.
        Other People’s Skeletons. 1993.
Steinberg, Janice. Death of a Postmodernist. 1995.
The first of the Margo Simon series finds the Jewish reporter for San Diego Public Radio helping solve the suspicious death of a recent interviewee, a young artist.
        Death Crosses the Border. 1995.
        Death-Fires Dance. 1996.
        The Dead Man and the Sea. 1997.
        Death in a City of Mystics. 1998.
Stevens, Serita. Red Sea, Dead Sea. 1991. Also available: Large Type
This series features Fanny Zindel, a 65-year-old widow with a punchy backhand and a Mossad-agent boyfriend.
    Other titles in the series:
        Bagels for Tea. 1993.
Tanenbaum, Robert. Reckless Endangerment. 1998. (Fiction TAN).
Manhattan is riveted by a double set of homicides that occur in the Arab and Jewish communities. When a bloody message is found written over the bodies of an elderly couple the two groups veer toward open confrontation. Assistant D.A. Butch Karpo finds himself on opposite sides of the case from his wife Marlene.
Van Gieson, Judith. Land of Burning Heat. 2003.
Archivist Claire Reynier while searching for the controversial last words of a 16th century Jewish mystic fleeing the Inquisition, finds a connection to a modern day murder.
Waldman, Ayelet. Nursery Crimes. 2000.
This, the first of the Mommy Track mysteries features Juliet Applebaum, Jewish housewife and former public defender who finds time between diapers and teething to get involved in her hobby…solving murders.
    Other titles in the series:
        Big Nap. 2001.
        Playdate with Death. 2002 .
        Death Gets a Time-out. 2003.
        Murder Plays House. 2004.
        The Cradle Robbers. 2005.
        Bye-Bye, Black Sheep. 2006.
Yaffe, James. A Nice Murder for Mom. 1988.
For Dave, an investigator with the public defender’s office in Mesa Grande, Colorado, tapping the common sense and wisdom of his 70ish mother just comes naturally. And she helps him find the murderer, too.
    Other titles in the series:
        Mom Meets her Maker. 1990.
        Mom Doth Murder Sleep. 1991.
        Mom Among the Liars. 1992.
        My Mother the Detective. 1997.
Zimler,Richard. The Last Kabbalist of Lisbon. 1998 (Fiction ZIM).
Berekiah Zarco, a Portuguese Jew who witnessed the Lisbon massacre of 1506, attempts to solve the murder of his uncle, Kabbalist master Abraham, who was killed in ritualistic fashion, apparently by another Jew, while in hiding during the massacre. The novel mixes meditation on the mystical tradition of Kabbalah with compelling historical background on Portuguese Jews, who practiced their religion in secret after being forced to convert to Christianity in 1497.