Modern Masters of Horror

These contemporary horror novelists follow the footsteps of Stoker, Shelley, and Lovecraft with their satisfyingly scary tales. Read one today … if you dare! All titles are located in the Adult Fiction section of the Library unless otherwise noted.

Aycliffe, Jonathan. The Lost. 1996.

Campbell, Ramsey. The Darkest Part of the Woods. 2002.

Farris, John. The Fury. 1976.

Hill, Joe. Horns. 2010.
     Also available: CD, eAudiobook

Keene, Brian. Dark Hollow. 2008.

Kenyon, Nate. The Bone Factory. 2009.

King, Stephen. Pet Sematary. 2002.

Koontz, Dean. Phantoms. 1983.
     Also available: eBook

Langan, Sarah. The Missing. 2007.

Little, Bentley. The Walking. 2000.

Maberry, Jonathan. Patient Zero. 2009.

Masterton, Graham. House of Bones. 2008.

Nicholson, Scott. They Hunger. 2007.

Piccirilli, Tom. The Night Class. 2002.

Pinborough, Sarah. The Reckoning. 2005.

Saul, John. Black Creek Crossing. 2004.
     Also available: CD, eAudiobook

Simmons, Dan. The Terror. 2007.
     Also available: eAudiobook

Sokoloff, Alexandra. The Unseen. 2009.

Straub, Peter. Ghost Story. 1979.

Wilson, F. Paul. The Tomb. 2004.