Tales of the Titanic

Strange thing about the Titanic...once her spell strikes, you can think of nothing else. What is it about her that grips the imagination and won't let go?
-- from Raise the Titanic! by Clive Cussler

The unforgettable story of the Titanic and its fatal voyage has inspired the novels collected in this list.

All of these titles are located in the Adult Fiction section of the library unless otherwise noted.

Alcott, Kate. The Dressmaker. 2012.
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A young seamstress feels lucky to have been hired by a famous designer to serve as a maid on the Titanic. Until the fourth night of the voyage when the ship hits an iceberg and sinks. She survives but is caught up in an investigation into the cause of the disaster.
Bainbridge, Beryl. Every Man for Himself. 1996.
Aboard the Titanic, J. P. Morgan's nephew is surrounded by upper crust travelers, many with shadowy pasts. Their glittery lifestyles represent an era of excess that will disappear soon after the sinking of the Titanic.
Bass, Cynthia. Maiden Voyage. 1996.
Twelve-year-old Sumner Jordan is sailing to his suffragist mother's home in Boston after an eventful visit to his Bohemian father in London. He has always dreamed of being a hero-bravely sacrificing himself so that others may escape danger. But when the Titanic sinks Sumner is classified as a "child" and ordered into a lifeboat, and his chance to be a hero disappears. His guilty escape from death is a turning point in this coming of age story.
Clarke, Arthur. The Ghost from the Grand Banks. 1990. (Adult Science Fiction CLA).
As the year 2012 approaches two rival firms race to become the first to raise the Titanic wreck to the surface. The most brilliant minds of the 21st century are involved; inventors, mathematicians, businessmen, and deep-sea explorers. Can they successfully challenge the forces of nature to raise the Titanic before the centennial of the sinking?
Collins, Max Allan. The Titanic Murders. 1999. (Adult Mystery COL).
Jacques Futrelle, a celebrated mystery writer in the early 1900s, was one of the many passengers who did not survive the sinking of the Titanic.  In The Titanic Murders Futrelle spends his last days trying to find the person responsible for two shipboard murders and a scheme to blackmail the ships wealthiest passengers.
Cussler, Clive. Raise the Titanic! 1976.
At the height of the Cold War, a top secret US government agency makes plans for a nuclear defense system that will be powered by the mineral byzanium. The only known supply of byzanium went down with the Titanic and US scientists must race to raise the Titanic to the surface and recover the mineral before the Soviets beat them to it.
Finney, Jack. From Time to Time. 1995.
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Simon Morley is able to travel back and forth from the present to the past. On one of his trips to the present he discovers that he could go back to 1912 and alter events so that World War I would never happen. In order to make his plan work he must prevent the Titanic from sinking. Will he succeed? Is it ok to alter one historical event in order to create a radically different future?
Gohlke, Cathy. Promise Me This. 2012.
Michael Dunnagan owes his survival of the Titanic disaster to the courage of Owen Allen. So he vows to fulfill his promise to care for Owen's relatives in America and also for his sister, Annie, in England. He develops a friendship with Annie and must scramble to get her out of Europe when World War I erupts.
Hansen, Erik Fosnes. Psalm at Journey's End. 1996.
The real Titanic musicians were celebrated for their bravery in playing until the ship went down. In Psalm At Journey's End, Hansen creates a group of completely fictional musicians, places them on the Titanic and then reveals the story of their lives before April 10, 1912.
Hoh, Diane. Titanic: The Long Night. 1998. (Teen Fiction HOH).
One of the few Titanic novels to feature third class passengers as main characters, Titanic: The Long Night tells the story of the sinking from the perspective of both steerage passengers and first class passengers. Rich, spoiled, Elizabeth Farr is on her way to America to marry a man she doesn't love when she meets artist Max Whittaker. Kathleen Mahoney and Brian and Patrick Kelleher are traveling from Ireland to seek their fortunes in America. Who will survive the disaster?
Howe, Katherine. The House of Velvet and Glass. 2012.
A woman who lost her mother and sister in the Titanic disaster turns to a medium to try and contact her departed family members. She reunites with an old flame and becomes embroiled in a mystery.
Kowalski, David. The Company of the Dead. 2012.
A Titanic enthusist travels back in time and attempts to stop the Titanic from sinking. He does not succeed but he does set off a chain of events that keeps the U.S. out of World War I and alters the course of history.
Peck, Richard. Amanda/Miranda. 1980.
On a fateful day in 1911 Mary Cooke comes to Whitwell Hall to serve as a maid. Rechristened, Miranda by her lookalike mistress Amanda, she soon realizes that Amanda is secretly plotting the course of her life including arranging a marriage for her. A year later they travel together on the Titanic to join Amanda's finance in New York -- a tragic voyage that will change their lives forever.
Robertson, Morgan. Wreck of the Titan; or, Futility. 1898. (Adult Fiction ROB).
Reprinted in The Wreck of the Titanic Foretold? 1998. (Adult Nonfiction 363.123 W).
At 800 feet long she is the "largest craft afloat" and is considered "practically unsinkable." Built to carry 3000 people, the Titan has lifeboats for only 500. One April night as she is racing through the North Atlantic the Titan strikes an iceberg and most of the people aboard die. Eerily prophetic, Wreck of the Titan was written in 1898, fourteen years before the Titanic tragedy.
Seil, William. The Titanic Tragedy. 2012. (Adult Mystery SEI).
Super sleuth Sherlock Holmes has been charged with a secret government mission. So he and Dr. Watson board the Titanic and find themselves racing to find the thief who has stolen submarine plans from the U.S. Navy.
Serling, Robert. Something’s Alive on the Titanic. 1990.
In 1975 Derek Montague, a Titanic buff, discovers evidence that the Titanic was carrying a huge shipment of gold bars.  A private expedition is mounted to recover the gold using new deep sea submersibles.  But from day one the expedition is plagued by problems and the crew becomes convinced that something supernatural is guarding the Titanic.  The expedition ends in disaster and Montague is the only survivor.  Twenty years later he becomes part of another expedition, this one financed by the U.S. government.  But it too is beset by a host of difficulties.  Is there something alive on the Titanic?  Something that doesn’t want the ship looted?
Steel, Danielle. No Greater Love. 1991. (Adult Romance STE).
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Edwina, a rich, beautiful young woman is aboard the Titanic with her parents, her finance, and her five siblings. After the disaster which claims her parents and her finance she is left alone to raise her brothers and sisters. Sacrificing her own chances for marriage she spends years caring for her family. Finally, after over a decade of mourning her lost finance she finds another chance for love.
Steel, Jack. The Titanic Secret. 2012.
The British and American governments each send agents aboard the Titanic to follow a German financier who has plans to convince America to join Germany against Great Britain.
Willis, Connie. Passage. 2001. (Adult Science Fiction WIL).
Dr. Joanna Lander is a psychologist who specializes in studying near-death experiences. When a new neurologist, Dr. Richard Wright, joins the hospital staff Joanna becomes involved in his study of drug-induced simulated near-death experiences. Together they attempt to prove that the NDE is one of the body's survival mechanisms and they look for ways to delay or reverse the dying process. Joanna participates in the study and her NDEs all involve the Titanic.

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