Family Ties

Adoption in Fiction
Some of the best novels focus on family ties.  These titles focus on adoption and illustrate how the word “family” can take on many meanings.
Between Brothers
Relationships between siblings provide a rich source for fiction. Enjoy one of these novels about brothers.
Eccentric Families
Some humorous, some sad, these novels may confirm that yours is not the only bizarre family out there.
Family Memoirs
These memoirs illustrate author Dodie Smith's claim that family "is that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to."
The Glass Castle Readalikes
If you were fascinated by this tale of an extremely dysfunctional family, and would like to read other books which explore troubled childhoods and how the protagonist rose above them, try one of these titles.
Modern Motherhood
When the heroines of "chick lit" have children they become the heroines of "mommy lit," touching, amusing tales of the trials and tribulations of modern pregnancy and motherhood.
My Sister's Keeper: Sisters in Fiction
These books cover the gamut of sisterhood: the bonds and rivalries, joys and tragedies, in youth through old age.