General Fiction

African-American Literary Fiction of the New Century
These are some of the most critically-acclaimed titles written by African-American authors since the year 2000, all set in the United States between 1900 and the present day.
Artful Fiction
These novels all touch upon the world of art in one of its many facets: artists, artworks, historians, collectors, or thieves.
A Common Thread
Patterns of women's lives are reflected in these novels and mysteries about quilts and quilting.
Contemporary African-American Fiction
Family, friendship, religion, racism, and the dealings of everyday life are explored in these novels about the contemporary African-American experience.
Contemporary Christian Fiction
Fans of best-selling author Karen Kingsbury’s contemporary Christian novels will find these titles similarly filled with faith, family, and romance.
Cult Fiction
Books come and go, but once in a while an offbeat book will inspire intense devotion among a passionate readership. Try these cult classics to see what all the fuss is about.
Environmental Fiction
Environmental destruction, climatic changes, endangered species, eco-terrorism, and genetic engineering are some of the subjects driving the plots of these fiction, mystery, and science fiction novels.
Fairy Tales for Young and Old
Fairy tales can appeal to readers of all ages. These books recount those familiar tales in surprising and compelling ways.
Fun and Games
Are you a fan of puzzles, cards, board, computer, or virtual reality games? Enjoy one of these books and get into the game!
Gentle Reads
Looking for a good story? Tired of scenes of graphic violence, explicit sex, and dysfunctional families? Try these novels which have wholesome characters, some humor, a little romance, some introspection, but above all, give the reader a good feeling when finished.
Go West!
Western literature runs the gamut from traditional cowboy tales and stories of pioneer life to complex contemporary fiction and whimsical hybrids that mix in fantasy, mystery, and more.
Good Reads for the "Sport" in You
Whether you are a professional, an armchair athlete, or a weekend warrior you're sure to enjoy some of these novels about sports.
Hispanic Authors
Whether writing in translation or in English, these writers of Hispanic origin offer compelling reads.
The Immigrant Experience
Whether following family or chasing after dreams, these characters are living with one foot in each world: their new home and the home left behind.
Israeli Authors
Enjoy some of these best-known works from Israeli authors.
It's a Laughing Matter: Humorous Fiction
In the mood for something light, a book with quirky characters, witty dialogue, or perhaps a satirical twist?
Jewish Interest
Explore the rich variety of the Jewish experience with one of these titles.
Manly Fiction
These books featuring compelling male characters are sure to engage both guys and gals.
Meanwhile... A List of Sequels, Prequels, and What Might Have Been
Some books engage our imagination so thoroughly that we want to know everything about all of the characters; we’re curious about Jim’s life before he met Huck Finn.  These books help fill in some of the missing pieces and let us stay in the story for a little while longer.
Modern Retellings of Biblical Stories
These ancient tales dressed in modern garb provide a new way to understand the Bible. Many of the most well-known figures and some lesser known ones are brought back to life for today’s reader.
Musical Fiction
The following books either have characters that may be musicians or composers, or simply have music as a background theme. Read and see if you can hear the music!
Native American Fiction
The Native American community boasts many great authors who have created a wide range of literature. The following is a selection of critically acclaimed fiction, mystery, western, humor, and poetry.
Not the Number on the Scale
The characters in these books may have weight issues, but their journeys to discover who they are outside of that number on the scale is what really unites them.
Outlandish Adventure
If you like improbable, oft-times outrageous adventures involving quick-witted, roguish, or eccentric characters, you may enjoy these picaresque novels.
Popular Gay Fiction
Here's a list of some of the best contemporary gay novels. With diverse characters and settings that span the globe there's something here to appeal to every reader.
Popular Lesbian Fiction
From coming-out stories to historical fiction, from literary masterpieces to light romance, this list contains some of the most critically-acclaimed, contemporary novels featuring lesbian characters and themes.
Post-Apocalyptic Fiction
It’s the end of the world as we know it in these post-apocalyptic tales, which run the gamut from grim to thrilling to satirical.
Questions of Faith
These novels contain a strong element of spiritual quest. There may be a loss or a rebirth of faith, a struggle to reconcile lifestyle or events with one’s faith, or the pursuit of spirituality beyond the boundaries of organized religion.
Racy Fiction
Are you a fan of Fifty Shades of Gray? Would you like to try something different but equally steamy and scandalous? If so, here is a list of hot and exciting romances, fantasies, classics, and other titillating titles for you to explore.
Reading Group Favorites
If your reading group is looking for new titles to read, try one of these recommendations.
Road Trip!
Enjoy adventure, discovery, heartbreak, and peril on these literary journeys through the United States.
September 11, 2001 Fiction
September 11, 2001 was one of the darkest days in our country’s history.  Several novelists have explored the ramifications of this day in their fictional works.
Small Gems
Sometimes a short book can really pack a punch with its economy of words and tight focus. If you're looking for a book that is quick and engaging, try one of these small gems.
Take This Job and...
If you're a fan of the television show The Office, try one of these often satirical novels about working.
Time Travel
What if something happened and you found yourself in first century Byzantium, Montana in the 1880s, or New York City in the year 3046? Enjoy these science fiction, fiction, and romance tales of time travel.
A Touch of Gothic
If you enjoy the trappings of classic Gothic fiction – dark family secrets, crumbling mansions, hints or more of madness, perversity, and the supernatural – you might enjoy these recent novels with a Gothic touch.
Under the Big Top
The circus is the greatest show on earth, but civilians rarely get to see what goes on beyond the glitz and glamour of the big show. These tales of trapeze artists, elephant trainers, and side show acts give you a glimpse into this rarely seen world and will stay with you long after the circus has folded up the big tents and left town.
Urban Fiction
Urban Fiction, also known as Street Lit, depicts the harsh realities of inner-city life with the accompanying violence, rough language, and sexual situations often experienced there.
Women of a Certain Age
Savor stories of women navigating through the adventure and adversity that comes with a well-lived life.
A Youthful Voice
These stories are written from the first-person point of view of a child or adolescent.