Academic Mysteries
When death stalks those hallowed halls of ivy, it is often the professors, teachers, or students who must find the culprits... or maybe THEY are the culprits.
African-American Mysteries
The sleuths in these mysteries come from all walks of life. Check out one of these mysteries featuring African-American characters.
Award-Winning Mysteries
If you enjoy reading a well-written mystery, try one of these titles which has been awarded an Agatha Award, an Anthony Award, a Dagger Award, an Edgar Allen Poe Award, a Lambda Award, or a Shamus Award.
Beyond CSI: Books on Forensics
If you're fascinated by forensic professionals and the techniques they use to catch criminals, try one of these nonfiction or fiction books.
Christmas Fiction, Romance, and Mystery
Keep the spirit of Christmas alive year-round by enjoying one of these Christmas stories.
Crafty Mysteries
Any crafter who has accidently pricked herself with a sharp needle knows that crafting is hazardous. Read one of these mysteries where crafting is not only hazardous, it’s lethal.
Crime Noir
This is gritty hardboiled fiction where themes of loneliness, despair, sexual obsession, and hard luck prevail. A fatalistic hero, who is often more victim or perpetrator than detective, tries to save those at the margins of society.
Culinary Crimes
A teaspoon of this and a pinch of that and you’re dead. When one of their guests winds up in the soup, chefs, caterers, and hosts must solve the crimes to divert suspicion from themselves.
Dynamic Duos
Whether they be husband and wife, inspector and sergeant, co-workers, ex-spouses, or friendly enemies, these dynamic sleuthing duos work in tandem to solve the crimes they stumble onto.
Gruesome Gardens
Gardens can be such lovely spots, all verdant and lush and deadly. There are such delicious ways to get rid of unwanted people; poisonous herbs and flowers and tools of every degree of sharpness or bluntness. Try one of these mysteries with a gardening theme.
Janet Evanovich Readalikes
Janet Evanovich’s Stephanie Plum & MetroGirl series feature young female protagonists who are involved with crime fighting and frequently find themselves in over their heads. The novels listed below have similar plot situations, quirky characters, humorous dialogue, or feisty protagonists.
Jewish Mysteries
Enjoy these crime stories which incorporate Jewish sleuths, settings, and situations.
Medieval Mysteries
The Middle Ages are murderous in these mysteries set in the world of knights, ladies, monks, and peasants.
Murder in Faraway Places
Enjoy these crime stories set in distant lands.
Murder in the Cold Outdoors
When the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful, settle in with one of these mysteries set in the cold outdoors.
New Tales of Sherlock Holmes
A. Conan Doyle may be long gone, but his most famous creation still lives in these recent stories of detection featuring Holmes, Watson, and other beloved characters.
Scandinavian Sleuths
In these colder climes, the nights are dark and long and cold as death. But “truth will out.”
Unusual Detectives
Sheep, vampires, and teddy bears are not the typical heroes that come to mind when someone needs a PI. Yet, as these books prove, the best detective to solve the mystery need not be human.