Best of the Business Press
Acclaimed, readable business narratives brimming with advice and salted with cautionary tales.
Beyond CSI: Books on Forensics
If you're fascinated by forensic professionals and the techniques they use to catch criminals, try one of these nonfiction or fiction books.
Bill Bryson Readalikes
Visit a new landscape with a fresh perspective. If you liked Bill Bryson’s A Walk in the Woods, you might want to try these other travel narratives which are similarly replete with humor and insight.
Business Classics
These books and authors have withstood the test of time, offering useful wisdom and advice in a challenging business climate.
Comic Lives
Looking for an amusing biography? These professional funny-men and -women tell their life stories in a way guaranteed to make you laugh.
The Economy Explained
On the one hand…economics is not easily explained. On the other hand…there are some great books illuminating the dismal science!
Expert Investment Advice
Get advice for managing your investments from leaders in the industry.
Family Memoirs
These memoirs illustrate author Dodie Smith's claim that family "is that dear octopus from whose tentacles we never quite escape, nor, in our inmost hearts, ever quite wish to."
Food Glorious Food
The next best thing to eating is reading about food. The following books all share a passion for culinary adventures – either in the kitchen, a restaurant, or through historical study.
Freakonomics Readalikes
The phenomena of everyday life are examined in these informative and readable nonfiction titles.
The Glass Castle Readalikes
If you were fascinated by Jeannette Wall’s tale of an extremely dysfunctional family and would like to read other books that explore troubled childhoods and how someone rose above them, try one of these titles.
Green Living
There are many things you, the consumer, can do to make the planet a healthier place to live.
Green Reads: The Environment
These titles have the environment as their theme — the ills perpetrated against it, the harm and hope that lies ahead, and the people who are trying to make a difference.
Heartwarming Nonfiction
When you need a little lift, turn to those books about kind-hearted people (and some animals!) who face down adversity and demonstrate the amazing power of love.
Holocaust Memoirs
Powerful true tales of remembrance, these stories of victims and survivors, rescuers and perpetrators, bear witness to one of the worst events in human history.
Jewish Interest
Explore the rich variety of the Jewish experience with one of these titles.
Jewish Memoirs
These personal accounts from all over the world provide a glimpse at the diversity of Jewish life today and in the recent past.
Laugh and Learn
Who says learning can’t be fun? These witty nonfiction books will keep you laughing while teaching you something useful or just plain interesting.
The Lemon Tree Readalikes
The Lemon Tree is a true account of the unusual friendship that developed between Dalia, an Israeli immigrant and Bashir, a Palestinian. The books in this list contain historical information and personal narratives about the perspectives of both Israelis and Palestinians.
Make the Sale
New Books. New Ideas. Close the Deal.
Medical Narratives
These books deal with issues beyond the science of medicine. They discuss the more subjective ethical, historical, and personal aspects of healing and illness; life and death.
Nonfiction for Francophiles
Interested in France and all things French? Enjoy a bit of cultural immersion with one of these titles.
Not the Number on the Scale
The characters in these books may have weight issues, but their journeys to discover who they are outside of that number on the scale is what really unites them.
Out of Africa
Africa may be across the ocean but the culture, climate, and stories of Africa can be brought into your home with these fiction and nonfiction titles.
Personal Finance
Looking for answers to your financial questions? Let these personal finance experts guide you as you invest, plan, and save for retirement.
Presidential Power
The books in this list examine the limits and boundaries of presidential power while also considering what has been achieved by past presidents.
Romantic Memoirs
Finding true love is rarely easy, but the rewards are usually worth it. These recent memoirs show how women and a few men have experienced the joys and pains of modern romance.
Stories of Adventure and Survival
These stories of peril and against-all-odds survival will leave you feeling thankful that you're just reading about them, not living them!
Unraveling the Financial Meltdown
If you are curious about the factors that led to the 2007 financial crisis, try one of these titles