Science Fiction and Fantasy

Classics of Science Fiction
Our Science Fiction collection includes all varieties of speculative fiction sure to appeal to many readers.
Embrace Your Inner Geek
Admit it. You sometimes watch Star Wars or love Star Trek. Why not try a science fiction novel next? We have SF books suitable for all reading tastes.
George R.R. Martin Readalikes
George R.R. Martin’s sweeping A Song of Ice and Fire series mixes fantasy with political intrigue and graphic action. If you’ve explored the Seven Kingdoms and crave more, try one of these epic fantasies.
Philip K. Dick Readalikes
Philip K. Dick was one of the most influential science fiction writers of the 20th century. His work is still widely read today, thanks in part to numerous Hollywood adaptations of his works. For more cynical tales of paranoia and psychological darkness, try one of the these titles.
Time Travel
What if something happened and you found yourself in first century Byzantium, Montana in the 1880s, or New York City in the year 3046?  How would you cope and, more to the point, how would you get back?  Enjoy these science fiction, fiction, and romance tales of time travel.
True Blood Readalikes
Have you devoured the hit HBO show True Blood and the Charlaine Harris novels that inspired it? If you like Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse series, here are some more sexy paranormal books to try.
What If?: Alternate History
History often seems to be made up of overriding forces, destinies, fate. But what if one small alteration could change the course of history? Explore what might have happened if the events that shape our past had been even slightly different.