Fairy Tales for Young and Old

Fairy tales can appeal to readers of all ages. These books recount those familiar tales in surprising and compelling ways. All of these titles are located in the Adult Fiction section of the Library unless otherwise noted.

Alderson, Brian. The Arabian Nights, or, Tales Told By Sheherezade During a Thousand Nights and One Night. 1995. (Adult Nonfiction 398.22).

Aldiss, Brian. Seasons in Flight . 1984. (Adult Science Fiction ALD).

Barthelme, Donald. Snow White. 1967.

Beauties, Beasts, and Enchantment: Classic French Fairy Tales. 1989. (398.20944 B).

Black Swan, White Raven. 1997. (Adult Science Fiction 808.83876 B).

Briggs, Katharine Mary. The Vanishing People: Fairy Lore and Legends. 1978.
(Adult Nonfiction 398.21 B).

Brust, Steven. The Sun, the Moon, and the Stars. 1987. (Adult Science Fiction BRU).

Byatt, A.S. The Djinn in the Nightingale’s Eye. 1994.

Card, Orson Scott. Enchantment. 1999. (Adult Science Fiction CAR).

Carter, Angela. The Bloody Chamber. 1978.

Carter, Angela. Burning Your Boats: The Collected Short Stories. 1996.

Chabon, Michael. Summerland. 2002. (Adult Science Fiction CHA).

Coover, Brian. Briar Rose. 1996.

Dean, Pamela. Tam Lin. 1991. (Adult Science Fiction DEA).

DeLint, Charles. Jack the Giant-Killer. 1987. (Adult Science Fiction DEL).

Gaiman, Neil. American Gods.  2001.
      Also available: CD, eBook

Gaiman, Neil. Stardust. 1999. (Adult Science Fiction GAI).
      Also available: CD, eBook

Lackey, Mercedes. The Gates of Sleep. 2002. (Adult Science Fiction LAC).

Lee, Tanith. White as Snow. 2000. (Adult Science Fiction LEE).

Marillier, Juliet. Daughter of the Forest. 2000. (Adult Science Fiction MAR).

McKinley, Robin. Beauty. 1978.

McKinley, Robin. Deerskin. 1993. (Adult Science Fiction McK).

McKiernan, Dennis. Once Upon a Winter's Night. 2001. (Adult Science Fiction McK).

McGuire, Gregory. Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister. 1999.
      Also available: Large Type

McGuire, Gregory. Mirror, Mirror. 2003.

Murphy, Louise. The True Story of Hansel and Gretel: A Novel of War and Survival. 2003.

Scalora, Suza. The Fairies: Photographic Evidence of the Existence of Another World. 1999. (Youth Nonfiction 398.21 S).

Scarborough, Elizabeth Ann. The Godmother. 1994. (Adult Science Fiction SCA).

Schmitz, Anthony. Darkest Desire: The Wolf's Own Tale. 1998.

Snow White, Blood Red. 1993. (Adult Science Fiction 808.83876 S).

Tepper, Sheri S. Beauty: A Novel. 1991. (Adult Science Fiction TEP).

Victorian Fairy Tales: The Revolt of the Fairies and Elves. 1987.
(Adult Nonfiction 398.20941 V).

Walker, Barbara G. Feminist Fairy Tales. 1996.

Welty, Eudora. The Robber Bridegroom. 1942.

Wrede, Patricia C. Dealing with Dragons. 1990. (Youth Fiction WRE).

Yolen, Jane. Briar Rose. 1992.