Irish Tales

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day year-round by reading some of the many books set in Ireland. There are too many to include on this list! (For more suggestions, see a librarian). All of these titles are located in the Adult Fiction section of the Library unless otherwise noted.

Ahern, Cecelia. The Book of Tomorrow. 2011.
     Also available: CD, eBook

Banville, John. The Infinities. 2009.
     Also available: CD

Barry, Sebastian. The Secret Scripture. 2008.
     Also available: CD

Beckett, Mary. Give Them Stones. 1987.

Binchy, Dan.  Loopy. 2005.

Binchy, Maeve. Minding Frankie. 2011.
     Also available: Large Type, CD, eBook, eAudiobook, Digital Player

Black, Benjamin. Christine Falls. 2006. This is the first in a series. (Adult Mystery BLA).
     Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook

Bolger, Dermot. The Journey Home. 1990.

Bondurant, Matt. The Night Swimmer. 2012.
     Also available: CD

Boylan, Clare. The Collected Stories. 2000.

Brennan, Maeve. Springs of Affection: Stories of Dublin. 1997.

Brown, Christy. Down All the Days. 1970.

Bruen, Ken. The Guards. 2001. This is the first in a series. (Adult Mystery BRU).

Caldwell, Joseph. The Pig Did It. 2008.
     Also available: CD

Carson, Paul. Betrayal. 2005.

Charles, Paul. The Dust of Death: An Inspector Starrett Mystery. 2007.
(Adult Mystery CHA).

Coelho, Paulo. Brida. 2008.
     Also available: Large Type

Dean, Louise. This Human Season. 2005.

Deane, Seamus. Reading in the Dark. 1996.

Delaney, Frank. The Last Storyteller. 2012.

Doyle, Roddy. The Dead Republic. 2010.
     Also available: CD

Emery, Anne. Death at Christy Burke’s. 2011. (Adult Mystery EME).

Enright, Anne. The Forgotten Waltz. 2011.
     Also available: Large Type, eAudiobook

Falvey, Patricia. The Linen Queen. 2011.

French, Tana. In the Woods. 2007. (Adult Mystery FRE).
     Also available: Large Type

Fox, Kevin. Until the Next Time. 2012.
     Also available: CD

Glynn, Alan. Bloodland. 2011.

Gordon, Mary. Pearl. 2005.

Hardie, Kerry. The Bird Woman. 2006.

Harrison, Cora. A Secret and Unlawful Killing. 2008. (Adult Mystery HAR).

Haverty, Anne. One Day As a Tiger. 1997.

Healy, Dermot. A Goat’s Song. 1995.

Holohan, Kevin. The Brothers’ Lot. 2011.

Hughes, Declan. The Wrong Kind of Blood. 2006. (Adult Mystery HUG).

Hyland, M. J. Carry Me Down. 2006.
     Also available: eAudiobook

Joyce, James. Dubliners. 1914.
     Also available: Large Type, CD

Karon, Jan. In the Company of Others. 2010.
     Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook, MP3

Keady, Walter. The Dowry: A Novel of Ireland. 2006.

Keegan, Claire. Walk the Blue Fields. 2007.

Kelly, Cathy. Once in a Lifetime. 2009.

Kerrigan, Gene. The Midnight Choir. 2006. (Adult Mystery KER).

Keyes, Marian. The Brightest Star in the Sky. 2010. (Adult Chick Lit KEY).
     Also available: CD, eBook

Leicht, Stina. Of Blood and Honey: A Book of the Fey and the Fallen. 2011.
(Adult Science Fiction LEI).

Leland, Mary. The Killeen. 1985.

Llywelyn, Morgan. Grania: She-King of the Irish Seas. 1986.

Lynch, Sarah-Kate. Blessed are the Cheesemakers. 2002.

MacLaverty, Bernard. Matters of Life and Death and Other Stories. 2006.

Madden, Deirdre. Molly Fox’s Birthday. 2010.

May, Ena. A Close Shave With the Devil. 1998.

McAuley, Roisin. Singing Bird. 2004.

McCabe, Patrick. Winterwood. 2006.

McCann, Colum. Everything in This Country Must. 2000.

McCormack, Mike. Crowe’s Requiem: a Novel. 1999.

McGahern, John. By the Lake. 2002.

McGary, Loucinda. The Wild Sight. 2008. (Adult Romance-Paperback M).

McGill, Bernie. The Butterfly Cabinet. 2010.

McGilloway, Brian. Borderlands: An Inspector Devlin Mystery. 2008.
(Adult Mystery MCG).

McKee, Laurel. Countess of Scandal. 2010. (Adult Romance MCK).

McKenna, Christina. The Misremembered Man. 2008.

McKeon, Belinda. Solace. 2011.

McKinty, Adrian. Orange Rhymes with Everything. 1997.

McPartlin, Anna. Apart from the Crowd. 2006.

Mehran, Marsha. Pomegranate Soup. 2005.

Morrissy, Mary. Mother of Pearl. 1995.

Moyes, Jojo. Sheltering Rain. 2002.

Murray, Paul. Skippy Dies. 2010.

Neggers, Carla. The Angel. 2008. (Adult Romance NEG).

Neville, Stuart. The Ghosts of Belfast. 2009.
     Also available: Large Type

Ní Aonghusa, Cláir. Civil and Strange. 2008.

Ní Dhuibhne, Eilís. Fox, Swallow, Scarecrow. 2007.

Nolan, Christopher. The Banyan Tree. 1999.

O’Brien, Edna. The Light of Evening. 2006.
     Also available: CD, eAudiobook

O’Carroll, Brendan. The Young Wan. 2003.
     Also available: CD

O’Flaherty, Liam. Famine: A Novel. 1937.

O’Flanagan, Sheila. He’s Got to Go. 2002. (Adult Chick Lit OFL).

O’Hanlon, Ardal. Knick Knack Paddy Whack: A Novel. 1998.

O’Malley, Thomas. In the Province of Saints. 2005.

Owens, Sharon. The Tea House on Mulberry Street. 2003.
     Also available: CD, eAudiobook

Park, David. The Truth Commissioner. 2008.

Parkinson, Siobhán. The Thirteenth Room. 2003.

Ridgway, Keith. The Parts. 2003.

Ryan, Mary. The Song of the Tide. 1998. (Adult Romance RYA).

Scanlan, Patricia. Two for Joy. 2003.

Shea, Christina. Moira's Crossing. 2000.

Stonich, Sarah. The Ice Chorus. 2005.

Sweeney, Eamonn. Waiting for the Healer. 1997.

Taylor, Patrick. An Irish Country Doctor. 2004.
     Also available: Large Type, CD

Toibin, Colm. The Blackwater Lightship. 1999.

Tremayne, Peter. The Dove of Death: A Mystery of Ancient Ireland. 2009.
(Adult Mystery TRE).

Trevor, William. Love and Summer. 2009.
     Also available: CD

Watson, Jules. The Raven Queen. 2011. (Adult Science Fiction WAT).

Williams, Niall. The Fall of Light. 2001.

Wilson, Robert McLiam. Eureka Street: A Novel of Ireland Like No Other. 1996.

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Ireland in Mind: An Anthology. 2000. (Adult Nonfiction 820.803241 I).

Ladies' Night at Finbar’s Hotel. 1999. (Adult Nonfiction 808.83 L PBK).

New Writing from Ireland. 1994. (Adult Nonfiction 820.809415 N).

The Penguin Book of Irish Fiction. 1999. (Adult Nonfiction 823.008 P).

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