Listen To: African American Audiobooks

African American authors, readers, and characters provide rich landscapes of fiction, mysteries, poetry, biography, and nonfiction for your listening pleasure. All of these titles are located in the Adult Audiobook section of the Library.

Angelou, Maya. Letter to My Daughter. (818.54A584.le).

Cleage, Pearl. Till You Hear From Me. (Fiction CLE).

Cosby, Bill. 200 m.p.h. (792.23

DeBerry, Virginia. What Doesn’t Kill You. (Fiction DEB).

Dickey, Eric. Resurrecting Midnight. (Fiction DIC).

Edgerton, Clyde. The Night Train. (Fiction EDG).

Ellison, Ralph. Invisible Man. (Fiction ELL).

Ellison, Ralph. Juneteenth. (Fiction ELL).

Forster, Gwynne. When the Sun Goes Down. (Fiction FOR).

Gaines, Ernest J. A Lesson Before Dying. (Fiction GAI).

Harris, E. Lynn. Any Way the Wind Blows. (Fiction HAR).

Hill, Lawrence. Someone Knows My Name. (Fiction HIL).

Hurston, Zora Neale. Their Eyes Were Watching God. (Fiction HUR).

Jones, Tayari. Silver Sparrow. (Fiction JON).

Little, Benilde. Who Does She Think She Is?. (Fiction LIT).

McMillan, Terry. Getting to Happy. (Fiction MCM).

Morrison, Toni. A Mercy. (Fiction MOR).

Mosley, Walter. The Last Days of Ptolemy Grey. (Fiction MOS).

Packer, Z.Z. Drinking Coffee Elsewhere. (Fiction PAC).
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Pelecanos. George. The Turnaround. (Mystery PEL).

Roby, Kimberla Lawson. Love, Honor and Betray. (Fiction ROB).

Sapphire. The Kid. (Fiction SAP).

Shange, Ntozake. Some Sing, Some Cry. (Fiction SHA).

Smith, Zadie. On Beauty. (Fiction SMI).

Stockett, Kathryn. The Help. (Fiction STO).

Tademy, Lalita. Red River. (Fiction TAD).

Turner, Nikki. Relapse. (Fiction TUR).

Weber, Carl. Big Girls Do Cry. (Fiction WEB).

Weisberger, Ann. The Personal History of Rachel Dupree. (Fiction WEI).

Welch, Donald. In My Sister's House. (Fiction WEL).

Whitehead, Colson. Sag Harbor. (Fiction WHI).

Wright, Richard. Native Son. (Fiction WRI).