Political Thrillers

Politicians are the bane of our existence and the hope of our future. In this world of international terrorists and fame-seeking individuals, they are often at risk, but sometimes THEY are the threat. All of these titles are located in the Adult Fiction section of the Library unless otherwise noted.

Aaron, David. Crossing by Night. 1993.

Abercrombie, Neil. Blood of Patriots. 1996.

Aellen, Richard. Cain Conversion. 1993.

Archer, Jeffrey. Sons of Fortune. 2003. Also available: Large Type, Cassette

Baldacci, David. Stone Cold. 2007. Also available: Large Type, CD, eBook, eAudiobook

Bernau, George. Promises to Keep. 1988.

Buckley, John. Statute of Limitations. 1990.

Cannell, Stephen J. The Plan. 1995.

Clancy, Tom. Executive Orders. 1996. Also available: Large Type, CD

Cohen, William S. Dragon Fire. 2006.

Colson, Charles W. Gideon’s Torch. 1995.

Compton, David. Impaired Judgment. 2000.

Corn, David. Deep Background. 1999.

Cummings, Doug M. Deader by the Lake. 2003. (Mystery CUM).

Drury, Allen. Advise and Consent. 1959.

Flynn, Vince. Act of Treason. 2006. Also available: Large Type, CD

Forsyth, Frederick. The Afghan. 2006. Also available: Large Type, CD

Frey, Stephen. The Legacy. 1998. Also available: Large Type, Cassette

Glickman, James. Sounding the Waters. 1996.

Gorman, Edward. Senatorial Privilege. 1997.

Greer, Robert O. The Mongoose Deception. 2007. (Mystery GRE).

Gross, Martin L. Man of Destiny. 1997.

Grossman, Gary H. Executive Treason. 2005.

Herman, Richard. The Last Phoenix. 2002.

Higgins, Jack. Killing Ground. 2008. Also available: Large Type, CD

Horrock, Henry. Potomac Fever. 1999.

Karaim, Reed. If Men Were Angels. 1999.

Kerr, Philip. The Shot. 2000.

Klein, Joe. The Running Mate. 2000. Also available: Large Type

Knebel, Fletcher. Seven Days in May. 1962.

Meltzer, Brad. The Book of Fate. 2006. Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook

Oeste, Bob. Last Pumpkin Paper. 1996.

Patterson, Richard North. Exile. 2007. Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook

Quayle, Marilyn. The Campaign. 1996.

Read, Piers Paul. The Patriot. 1995.

Safire, William. Full Disclosure. 1977.

Shelby, Philip. Days of Drums. 1996. Also available: Large Type

Standiford, Les. Presidential Deal. 1998.

Tanenbaum, Robert. Corruption of Blood. 1995.

Thor, Brad. State of the Union. 2004.

Warren, Robert Penn. All the King’s Men. 1946.