Good Reads for the "Sport" in You

Whether you are a professional, an armchair athlete, or a weekend warrior you're sure to enjoy some of these novels about sports. All of these titles are located in the Adult Fiction section of the Library unless otherwise noted.

Baseball Golf Skiing
Basketball Hockey Soccer
Boxing Horse racing Tennis
Fishing Ice skating Wrestling
Football Running The Olympics


Bain, Donald. Three Strikes and You're Dead: A Murder, She Wrote Mystery. 2006. (Mystery BAI).

Baker, Kevin. Sometimes You See It Coming. 1993.

Bouton, Jim. Strike Zone. 1994.

Boyd, Brendan C. Blue Ruin: A Novel of the 1919 World Series. 1991.

Brashler, William. The Bingo Long Traveling All-Stars & Motor Kings. 1973.

Brock, Darryl. Havana Heat. 2000.

Carkeet, David. The Greatest Slump of All Time. 1984.

Carrington, Tori. Foul Play: A Sofie Metropolis Novel. 2007. (Adult Mystery CAR).

Deford, Frank. The Entitled: A Tale of Modern Baseball. 2007.

DeLillo, Don. Underworld. 1997.

Dyja, Tom. Play For a Kingdom. 1997.

Farrell, James. Dreaming Baseball. 2007.

Ferrell, David. Screwball. 2003.

Foley, Mick. Scooter. 2005.

Fowler, Karen Joy. The Sweetheart Season. 1996.

Friedman, Mark. Columbus Slaughters Braves. 2001.

Geist, William. Little League Confidential: One Coach's Completely Unauthorized Tale of Survival. 1992.

Gischler, Victor. Suicide Squeeze. 2005.

Granger, Bill. The New York Yanquis. 1995.

Hamill, Pete. Snow in August. 1997.
      Also available: Large Type, eBook

Harbach, Chad. The Art of Fielding. 2011.
      Also available: Large Type, CD, eBook, eAudiobook

Jacover, Jerry. Merkle’s Curse: Why the Chicago Cubs Have Not Won a World Series Since 1908. 2008.

Jenkins, Jerry B. The Youngest Hero. 2002.

King, Kevin. All the Stars Came Out that Night. 2005.

Kinsella, W.P.. The Iowa Baseball Confederacy. 1986.

Latour, José. Havana World Series. 2003.

Malamud, Bernard. The Natural. 1952.

Manderino, John. The Man Who Once Played Catch With Nellie Fox. 1998.

Mosher, Howard Frank. Waiting for Teddy Williams. 2004.

Nighbert, David F. Squeezeplay. 1992. (Adult Mystery NIG).

Parker, Robert B. Double Play. 2004.
      Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook

Pomeranz, Gary. Out At Home. 1985.

Robinson, Patrick. Slider. 2002.

Sherwin, Byron. The Cubs and the Kabbalist: How a Kabbalah-master Helped the Chicago Cubs Win Their First World Series Since 1908. 2006.

Smith, April. Be the One. 2000. (Adult Mystery SMI).

Soos, Tony. Murder at Wrigley Field. 1996. (Adult Mystery SOO).
      Also available: eAudiobook

Traisman, Ken. The Chicago Gale. 2001.

Winegardner, Mark. The Veracruz Blues. 1996.

Zimmerman, Jack. Gods of the Andes. 2006.

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Chafets, Ze'ev. Hang Time. 1996.

Coben, Harlan. One False Move. 1998. (Adult Mystery COB).
      Also available: CD, eBook, eAudiobook

King, Tabitha. One on One. 1993.

Lupica, Mike. Full Court Press. 2001.

Martin, Eric. Winners. 2004.

McCallum, Jack. Foul Lines: A Pro Basketball Novel. 2006.

Penzler, Otto. Murder at the Foul Line. 2006. (Adult Mystery 813.0872 M).

Revoyr, Nina. The Necessary Hunger. 1997.

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Blake, James Carlos. The Killings of Stanley Ketchel. 2005.

DeVido, Brian. Every Time I Talk to Liston. 2004.

Heinz, W.C. The Professional. 1958.

Muller, Eddie. Shadow Boxer: A Billy Nichols Novel. 2003. (Adult Mystery MUL).

Murray, Yxta Maya. What It Takes to Get to Vegas. 1999.

Penzler, Otto. Murder on the Ropes: Original Boxing Mysteries. 2001.
(Mystery 813.0872 M).

Schreck, Tom. On the Ropes: A Duffy Dombrowksi Mystery: Round One. 2007.
(Mystery SCH).

Toole, F.X. Rope Burns: Stories from the Corner. 2000.

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Bass, Rick. Platte River. 1994.

Elkjer, Thom. Hook, Line & Murder. 1997. (Adult Mystery ELK).

Galligan, John. The Blood Knot. 2005. (Adult Mystery GAL).

Hemingway, Ernest. Islands in the Stream. 1970.
      Also available: CD

Houston, Victoria. Dead Madonna. 2007. (Adult Mystery HOU).

Hull, Jeff. Pale Morning Done. 2005.

Kay, Terry. The Valley of Light. 2003.

Leitz, David. Casting in Dead Water. 1996. (Adult Mystery LEI).

Maclean, Norman. A River Runs Through It. 1976.

Rice, LuAnne. Blue Moon. 1993.

Torday, Paul. Salmon Fishing in the Yemen. 2007.
      Also available: CD

Wylie, Philip. Crunch & Des: Classic Stories of Saltwater Fishing. 1990.

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Coben, Harlan. Deal Breaker. 1995. (Adult Mystery COB).
      Also available: eBook, eAudiobook, Digital Player

DeLillo, Don. End Zone. 1972.

Green, Tim. Double Reverse. 1999. (Adult Mystery GRE).

Grisham, John. Bleachers. 2003.
      Also available: Large Type, CD, eBook, eAudiobook

Grisham, John. Playing for Pizza. 2007.
      Also available: Large Type, CD, eBook

Jenkins, Dan. Semi-Tough. 1972.

Jenkins, Jerry B. Hometown Legend. 2001.

Kienzle, William X. Sudden Death. 1985. (Adult Mystery KIE).
      Also available: Large Type

Kingsbury, Karen. Between Sundays. 2007.

Klein, Dave. Fourth Down. 1999.

Lupica, Mike. Red Zone. 2003.

Mara, Wil. The Cut. 2007.

Reid, Elwood. If I Don’t Six. 1998.

Rivers, Reggie. 4th and Fixed. 2004.

Rosenfelt, David. Sudden Death. 2005. (Adult Mystery ROS).
      Also available: Large Type, CD

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Bernhardt, William. Final Round. 2001. (Adult Mystery BER).

Binchy, Dan. Loopy. 2005.

Borthwick, J.S. Murder in the Rough. 2002. (Adult Mystery BOR).

Corrigan, John R. Out of Bounds. 2006. (Adult Mystery COR).

Coyne, John. The Caddie Who Knew Ben Hogan. 2006.

Coyne, Tom. A Gentleman’s Game. 2001.

Cullen, Robert. A Mulligan for Bobby Jobe. 2001.

Cupp, Bob. The Edict. 2007.

Daly, Conor. Local Knowledge. 1995. (Adult Mystery DAL).

Feherty, David. A Nasty Bit of Rough. 2002.

Gregson, J.M. Death on the Eleventh Hole. 2002. (Adult Mystery GRE).

Griffith, Michael. Spikes: A Novel. 2001.

Hollingsworth, A.B. Flatbellies: It's Not About Golf, It's About Life. 2001.

Jenkins, Dan. Slim and None. 2005.

Links, Bo. Follow the Wind. 1995.

McAllister, Troon. The Foursome. 2000.

Merullo, Roland. Golfing With God. 2005.

Miles, Keith. Double Eagle. 1987. (Adult Mystery MIL).

Mitchell, Robert L. Match Made in Heaven. 2006.

Mott, Billy. The Back Nine. 2007.

Murphy, Michael. Golf in the Kingdom. 1972.

Penzler, Otto. Murder in the Rough. 2006. (Adult Mystery 813.0872 M).

Pipkin, Turk. Fast Greens. 1994.

Pressfield, Steven. The Legend of Bagger Vance: Golf and the Game of Life. 1995.
Also available: Large Type

Reilly, Rick. Shanks for Nothing. 2006. Also available: CD

Shropshire, Mike. The Pro. 2001.

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Falla, Jack. Saved. 2007.

Galloway, Steven. Finnie Walsh. 2000.

Joyce, G.B. The Code. 2012.

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Horse Racing

Daniel, Mark. Sleek Bodies. 1995. (Adult Mystery DAN).

Francis, Dick. 10 lb. Penalty. 1997. (Adult Mystery FRA).
      Also available: Large Type, CD, eAudiobook

Johnson, Susan. Sinful. 1992. (Adult Romance JOH).

Maristed, Kai. Fall: A Novel. 1996.

McEvoy, John. Blind Switch. 2004. (Adult Mystery MCE).

Paige, Robin. Death at Epsom Downs. 2001. (Adult Mystery PAI).

Parker, Robert B. Hugger Mugger. 2000. (Adult Mystery PAR).
      Also available: Large Type

Penzler, Otto. Murder at the Racetrack. 2006. (Adult Mystery 813.0872 M).

Smiley, Jane. Horse Heaven. 2000.
      Also available: Large Type

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Ice skating

Adams, Alina. Murder on Ice. 2003. (Adult Mystery ADA).

DeAndrea, William L. Killed On the Ice. 1984. (Adult Mystery DEA).

Thomson, Maynard F. Dreams of Gold. 1999.

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Barnes, Linda. Dead Heat. 1984. (Adult Mystery BAR).

Parker, John L., Jr. Again to Carthage. 2007.

Sillitoe, Alan. The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Runner. 1959.

Zweibel, Alan. The Other Shulman. 2005.

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Clinch, Wendy. Double Black: A Ski Diva Mystery. 2009. (Adult Mystery CLI).

Carlson, Meoldy. These Boots Weren't Made for Walking. 2007. (Adult Chick Lit CAR).

Page, Katherine Hall. The Body in the Snowdrift. 2005. (Adult Mystery PAG).
Also available: Large Type

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Apodaca, Jennifer. Ninja Soccer Moms. 2004. (Adult Mystery APO).

Patterson, James. Hide & Seek. 1996.
      Also available: CD, eBook

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Coben, Harlan. Drop Shot. 1996. (Mystery COB).
      Also available: Large Type, eBook, eAudiobook

Lamott, Anne. Crooked Little Heart. 1997.

Penzler, Otto. Murder is My Racquet. 2005. (Adult Mystery 813.0872 M).

Woods, Stuart. Choke. 1995.
      Also available: Large Type, CD

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Connelly, Neil O. Buddy Cooper Finds a Way. 2004.

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The Olympics

Barclay, Max. Red Mercury. 1996.

Coldsmith, Don. Long Journey Home. 2001.

Keegan, Nicole. Swimming. 2009.

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