Chick Lit for Teens

All books on the list are shelved in the Teen Corner.

Anderson, Jodi Lynn. Peaches. 2005.
Three teenage girls from very different backgrounds, thrown together to pick peaches in a Georgia orchard, spend a summer in pursuit of the right boy, the truest of friends, and the perfect peach.
Brashares, Ann. The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. 2001.
Four best girlfriends are connected during summer separations by a pair of magical pants. Sequels include The Second Summer of the Sisterhood and Girls in Pants: Third Summer of the Sisterhood.
Brian, Kate. The Princess and the Pauper. 2003.
When Julia of Los Angeles and Princess Carin of Vineland switch places, Julia dances at the ball with the incredible Markus and Carina escapes rigid protocol to spend time with a rock star.
Brian, Kate. The V-Club. 2004.
Four high school friends pledge to maintain their virginity in order to exemplify the purity required to win a scholarship.
Burnham, Niki. Royally Jacked. 2004.
Valerie’s father has a new job as protocol chief for the royal family of an obscure European country. Valerie opts to go with him, and quickly discovers that it was a mistake -- until she meets the prince.
Cabot, Meg. All-American Girl. 2002.
After saving the President from an assassination attempt, Samantha finds herself at the center of media attention, and her life is further complicated when the President’s attractive son shows an interest in her.
Cabot, Meg. The Princess Diaries. 2000.
The inner thoughts of Mia Thermopolis, teenaged New Yorker and newly discovered Genovian Princess. Sequels include Princess in the Spotlight, Princess in Love, Princess in Waiting and Project Princess.
Caletti, Deb. Honey, Baby, Sweetheart. 2004.
Sixteen-year-old Ruby McQueen and her mother, both nursing broken hearts, set out on a journey to reunite an elderly woman with her long-lost love and in the process learn about "the real ties that bind" people to one another.
Caletti, Deb. The Queen of Everything. 2002.
High school junior Jordan MacKenzie learns about different kinds of love as her divorced father's troubling affair with a married woman ends in tragedy and she tries to fit into her hippie mother's new family, while halfheartedly dating the popular boy at school.
Clark, Catherine. Truth or Dairy. 2000.
Can Courtney really give up guys and focus on friends, school, and her job at the hip cafe Truth or Dairy? Or will a stint in student government, an epileptic dog, and a guy named Grant Superior turn her world upside down? The sequel is Wurst Case Scenario.
Coffey, Jan. Tropical Kiss. 2005.
Morgan doesn't want to spend the summer in Aruba with the father she barely knows. But when she finds some mysterious clues in her father's office, the summer starts to look exciting.
Cohn, Rachel. Pop Princess. 2004.
Yearning to escape the small Massachusetts town where her family retreated after her sister's death, Wonder Blake gets her chance when her sister's manager offers Wonder a record contract on her sixteenth birthday.
De la Cruz, Melissa. The Au Pairs: A Novel. 2004.
Three teenage girls from different backgrounds work for a summer as au pairs for a wealthy family, and in spite of many ups and downs, all three end up changing for the better. Sequel is The Au Pairs Skinny-Dipping.
Dean, Zoey. The A-List. 2003.
Seventeen-year-old blueblood Anna Percy leaves Manhattan to spend the second half of her senior year with her father in Los Angeles and quickly becomes involved in the lives of the rich and famous at Beverly Hills High School. Sequels include Blonde Ambition, Girls on Film and Tall Cool One.
Dent, Grace. LBD: It's a Girl Thing. 2003.
Three British 14-year-old best friends (Les Bambinos Dangereuses) can't get permission to go to a summer rock concert, so they decide to throw their own, featuring the best bands from their school.
Fredericks, Mariah. The True Meaning of Cleavage. 2003.
When Jess and Sari, best friends since seventh grade, begin their freshman year of high school , Sari becomes obsessed with a senior boy and Jess wonders if their friendship will survive.
Hopkins, Cathy. Mates, Date and Inflatable Bras. 2003.
Izzie become friends with the glamorous Nesta, and Lucy isn't certain she likes a trio. Sequels are Mates, Dates and Cosmic Kisses and and Mates, Dates and Designer Divas.
Hopkins, Cathy. White Lies and Barefaced Truths. 2004.
Games of truth or dare cause British teenage girls to face the truths about themselves, their dreams and the feelings of those around them. The Princess of Pop is the sequel.
Juby, Susan. Alice, I Think. 2003.
Fifteen-year-old Alice keeps a diary as she struggles to cope with the embarrassments and trials of family, dating, school, work, small town life, and a serious case of "outcastitis."
Krulik, Nancy. Ripped at the Seams. 2004.
Sami Granger, the newest fashion designer in town, is fresh off the bus from the Midwest when some crazy person in the bus terminal warns her that life in New York City won't be what she always dreamed of.
Mackler, Carolyn. Vegan Virgin Valentine. 2004.
Mara's niece, who is only one year younger, moves in bringing conflict between the two teenagers because of their opposite personalities.
Maxwell, Katie. The Year My Life Went Down the Loo. 2003.
When 16-year-old Emily's family uproots her from Seattle to England right before her junior year, she has to adjust to a whole new lingo, new friends, and worst of all, no malls. Luckily, hunkalicious British boys do exist! Sequels include What's French for
"EW! "?
and Life, Love, and the Pursuit of Hotties.
Mayer, Melody. The Nannies. 2005.
Kiley, Lydia, and Esme, three teenagers from very different backgrounds, befriend one another while working as nannies for wealthy employers in Beverly Hills, California.
McCafferty, Megan. Sloppy Firsts. 2001.
Sixteen-year-old Jessica Darling is devastated when her best friend moves away and leaves Jessica to face the trials of high school on her own. Second Helpings is the sequel.
Moriarty, Jaclyn. Feeling Sorry for Celia. 2000.
Teenage girls from cross-town high schools are assigned to be pen pals and share details from their personal lives, offering each other support and advice.
Moriarty, Jaclyn. The Year of Secret Assignments. 2004.
Three female students from Ashbury High write to three male students from rival Brookfield High as part of a pen pal program, leading to romance, humiliation, revenge plots, and war between the schools.
Rennison, Louise. Angus, Thongs, and Full-Frontal Snogging. 2000.
A fourteen-year-old British girl tries to reduce the size of her nose, stop her mad cat from terrorizing the neighborhood animals and win the love of handsome hunk Robbie. Sequels include On the Bright Side, I'm now the Girlfriend of a Sex God, Knocked Out by My Nunga-Nungas, Dancing in My Nuddy-Pants, Away Laughing on a Fast Camel, and Then He Ate My Boy Entrancers.
Scott, Kieran. I was a Non-Blonde Cheerleader. 2005.
As a brunette on the all-blonde cheerleading squad ,sophomore Annisa Gobrowski tries to fit in with her popular teammates without losing the friendship of Bethany, the only other non-blonde at the school.
Sones, Sonya. What My Mother Doesn’t Know. 2001.
Sophie describes her relationships with a series of boys as she searches for Mr. Right.
Wilson, Jacqueline. Girls in Love. 2002.
Ellie's starting ninth grade and she's got some very definite goals. She'll stay best friends with Magda and Nadine. She'll go on a diet and stick to it. She'll get the glamorous hairstyle. And she'll get a boyfriend. Sequels include Girls Under Pressure, Girls Out Late and Girls in Tears.
Ziegesar, Cecily Von. Gossip Girl: A Novel. 2002.
This wickedly funny novel is about the provocative lives of New York City’s most prestigious private school for young adults. Sequels include You Know You Love Me, All I Want is Everything, Because I'm Worth It, I Like It Like That, You're the One That I Want, and Nothing Can Keep Us Together.