Edgar Award Winners
Best Young Adult Mystery Book

The Edgar award for the “Best Young Adult Mystery” is awarded annually by the Mystery Writers of America organization. Look for these Edgar Award-winning titles in the Fiction section of the Teen Corner, unless otherwise noted.
2010 Abrahams, Peter. Reality Check.
2009 Green, John. Paper Towns.
2008 Arnold, Tedd. Rat Life.
2007 MacCready, Robin Merrow. Buried.
2006 Feinstein, John. Last Shot: A Final Four Mystery.
(Youth Jr Hi Fiction FEI). Also available: CD, eAudiobook
2005 Hoobler, Dorothy and Thomas. In Darkness, Death.
2004 McNamee, Graham. Acceleration.
2003 Parker, Daniel. The Wessex Papers #1: Trust Falls.
2002 Wynne-Jones, Tim. The Boy in the Burning House.
2001 Alphin, Elaine Marie. Counterfeit Son.
2000 Velde, Vivian Vande. Never Trust a Dead Man.
1999 Werlin, Nancy. The Killer's Cousin.
1998 Hobbs, Will. Ghost Canoe. Also available: Cassette
1997 Roberts, Willo Davis. Twisted Summer.
1996 MacGregor, Rob. Prophecy Rock. (Youth Jr Hi Fiction Mystery MAC).
1995 Springer, Nancy. Toughing It.
1994 Nixon, Joan Lowery. The Name of the Game was Murder.
1993 Reaver, Chap. A Little Bit Dead.
1992 Taylor, Theodore. The Weirdo.
1991 Reaver, Chap. Mote.
1990 Ferguson, Alane. Show Me the Evidence. (Youth Jr Hi Fiction Mystery FER).
1989 Levitin, Sonia. Incident at Loring Grove. (Youth Jr Hi Fiction LEV).