Love Stories: Books for Teens

Bat Ami, Miriam. Two Suns in the Sky. 1999.
Living in a New York refugee camp in 1944, a 15-year-old Yugoslavian Jew begins a star-crossed romance with a local Catholic girl.
Berg, Elizabeth. Joy School. 1997.
Thirteen-year-old Elizabeth falls in love with a married man, ten years older than she.
Block, Francesca. Weetzie Bat. 1989.
The wild adventures of a California girl and her friends Dirk, Duck, and My-Secret-Agent-Lover-Man.
Brooks, Martha. Bone Dance. 1997.
When she inherits a piece of land from the father she never knew, Alex meets a young man who shares her Indian heritage and her experience of being haunted by spirits.
Bunting, Eve. Will You Be My POSSLQ? 1987.
Jamie, a recovered cancer patient and UCLA coed, shares an apartment with a male student, but their platonic relationship is complicated by her family problems.
Caletti, Deb. Honey, Baby, Sweetheart. 2004.
Sixteen-year-old Ruby and her mother both struggle to overcome heartbreak as they help an elderly friend reunite with a lost love.
Conford, Ellen. Loving Someone Else. 1991.
As a companion, house cleaner, and chauffeur to two elderly, eccentric sisters, 17-year-old Holly endures the idiosyncrasies of her employers and enjoys the attentions of their nephew and next-door neighbor Pete.
Cross, Gillian. Chartbreaker. 1986.
Finch is a vulnerable and ugly rock star whose performance is charged with rage and with her love for the band leader.
Daly, Maureen. Seventeenth Summer. 1942.
This classic teenage love story follows the romance of a college-bound girl and her boyfriend, who share moonlit sailboat rides, grueling introductions to parents, and the pain of separation.
Dessen, Sarah. The Truth about Forever. 2004.
While coping with her father's death and her mother's overwhelming grief, Macy Queen meets Wes, who helps her break through her sorrow.
Earls, Nick. 48 Shades of Brown. 1999.
Rather than join his parents in Europe, Dan spends his last year of high school at home in Australia, living with a college-age aunt and her sexy roommate, on whom he develops an all-consuming crush.
Garden, Nancy. Annie On My Mind. 1982.
College freshman Liza Winthrop recalls the joys and sorrows of her high school senior year, when she and Annie Kenyon fell in love with each other.
Garden, Nancy. Good Moon Rising. 1996.
High school senior Janna Montcrief meets and falls in love with new student Elizabeth Procter as they work together on the school play.
Hobbs, Valerie. How Far would You Have Gotten if I Hadn't Called You Back? 1995.
When she moves from New Jersey to rural California, 16-year-old Bronwyn Lewis has trouble choosing between solid, sensitive outsider Will Harding and cool, sexy badboy JC.
Hudson, Jan. Sweetgrass. 1984.
Fifteen-year-old Sweetgrass, a Dakota Indian, longs to be married like other girls her age. She pines for her childhood friend, Eagle-Sun, who is now a warrior.
Kantor, Melissa. Confessions of a Not It Girl. 2004.
During her senior year at a private school, Jan wrestles with the usual pre-college application anxieties while hovering fierce crushes on the wrong guys.
Lane, Dakota. Johnny Voodoo. 1996.
Fifteen-year-old Deirdre is desolate until she meets a strange young man known as Johnny Voodoo, who helps her learn about love.
LeGuin, Ursula. The Beginning Place. 1980.
Hugh and Irena are brought together by their responsibility to save the magic world beyond the "beginning place," in this romantic fantasy.
Klause, Annette. The Silver Kiss. 1990.
A mysterious teenage boy with a dark secret helps Zoe come to terms with her mother's terminal illness.
Mahy, Margaret. The Catalogue of the Universe. 1985.
Angela, a high school senior, finds love with brilliant, homely, fellow student Tycho, who shares her excitement about science.
Mahy, Margaret. The Changeover: A Supernatural Romance. 1985.
In a compelling combination of fantasy and romance, teenage Laura Chant discovers that she must become a witch in order to save her adored little brother's life.
McDaniel, Lurlene. Don't Die, My Love. 1995.
Pretty Julie and handsome football star Luke are high school students who have been "engaged" since sixth grade, but now Luke has been diagnosed with Hodgkin's disease.
McKinley, Robin. Beauty: A Retelling of the Story of Beauty and the Beast. 1993.
Beauty's love for the Beast is romantically and beautifully told in this expanded version of the classic tale.
Myers, Walter Dean. Motown and Didi: A Love Story. 1984.
Two Harlem teenagers, both determined to defeat the drug culture and poverty surrounding them, fall in love, despite the barriers they have raised for protection against the pain in their past and present.
Nilson, Per; translated by Tara Chace. Heart's Delight. 2003.
The anonymous 16-year-old narrator of this Swiss novel, warns, "This is no gush, sentimental , happy teenage love story."  It is, however, a realistic, suspenseful account of the thrilling highs and lows of first love.
Plummer, Louise. The Unlikely Romance of Kate Bjorkman. 1995.
With the assistance of The Romance Writer's Phrase Book, teenage Kate writes a novel about her romance with her older brother's friend.
Powell, Randy. Is Kissing a Girl Who Smokes Like Licking an Ashtray? 1992.
Two quirky, imperfect people -- shy, pinball-addict Biff and beautiful and wild Heidi -- can't possibly fit into each other's lives, but do, sort of.
Smith, Dodie. I Capture the Castle. 1976.
During the Deprssion, seventeen-year-old Cassandra and her family live in poverty in a ramshackled old English castle in the countryside. Here she keeps a journal and records the great changes that take place within the castle walls and her own first descent into love.
Strasser, Todd. How I Created My Perfect Prom Date. 1996.
When the guy she's had her eye on for months unexpectedly invites another girl to the senior prom, Nicole decides to transform her grungy next-door neighbor into a dream date.
Sweeney, Joyce. Piano Man. 1992.
Falling hard for Jeff, a 26-year-old pianist, 14-year-old Diedre is sure that she can provide him with the safe haven he needs to compose his music and with the love he needs to fulfill his life.
Wersba, Barbara. Whistle Me Home. 1997.
Seventeen-year-old Noli struggles to come to terms with the fact that the boy she loves is gay.
Whitney, Kim Ablon. See You Down the Road. 2004.
Sixteen-year-old Bridget, who has grown up in a family of gypsy-like Travelers, loves her the man she is to marry, but she longs to leave her "life of everyday scams."
Wittlinger, Ellen. Heart on My Sleeve. 2004.
College-bound seniors Chloe and Julian eagerly embark on a long-distance romance, but they struggle to sort out the differences between e-mail personas and reality.