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Internet sites that enable you to communicate with others are great, but please be sure you know how to surf safely on the information highway before you begin!

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Websites Especially for Teens

Web resourceOrganizations for and about Teens from SkokieNet

There are a number of organizations in the north suburban area that offer services for local teens.  Visit this SkokieNet page to view a lengthy list of groups.

Web resourceTeen Help Hotlines from SkokieNet

Need someone to talk to?  Looking for assistance with a difficult life issue? Take a look at this list of help resources specifically for teens.

Web resourceFigment

Are you a writer? Join this online community to share your work and receive feedback from other teens. Share and discover all kinds of creative writing, from poetry to essays to full novels.

Web resourceRateMyTeachers.com

Middle school and high school students can rate their teachers on easiness, helpfulness, and clarity. Submissions are anonymous.

Web resourceRock the Vote

Learn about legal decisions that effect teens, find out how local representatives voted on key issues, and how to register to vote in your area.

Web resourceyouthrights.org

The National Youth Rights Association (NYRA) provides opinion, research, and information on a variety of issues ranging from lowering the voting age to curfews. Discussion forums are provided on each topic.

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Fun and Games

North American Chess Association

Located in Skokie, the North Shore Chess Center (part of the North American Chess Association) is designed for chess lovers of all ages. It offers something for everyone, from kindergartners to grandmasters.

Web resourcePC Gamer

Get the latest information on PC game titles, trends, tips, reviews, and gaming news at the online version of PC Gamer magazine.

Web resourceWebChess

Join in a game, wait for an opponent, or just watch other games being played!

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Comics and Graphic Novels

Web resourceDark Horse Comics

Check out Dark Horse, home of the Star Wars and Buffy the Vampire Slayer series. Features include comic-themed products, message boards, news, multimedia, and more.

Web resourceDC Comics

Visit the online home of Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman. Find out about graphic novels, books, and DVDs; get the latest news and sneak peeks at upcoming projects, browse the "Secret Files," and more

Web resourceMarvel.com

Home of Spider-Man and X-Men, this website features information about current comic books, free online comics, news, and more.

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Anime and Manga

Web resourceAnimeNation

This is one of the best anime/manga sites on the web. You'll find up-to-date industry news, game trailers, products, TV schedules, anime conventions, fan art, interviews, contests, and much more.

Web resourceManga for Teens at Skokie Public Library

Take a look at a list of the manga that's in Skokie Public Library's Teen Corner.

Web resourceWe-Love-Anime.com

This is a great source for free anime pictures and images. You can also find anime summaries and their themes.

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Health and Other Personal Concerns

Web resourceChoosing a Piercer

Visit this site before you have your body pierced to help you select a piercer and have a safe experience.

Web resourceAbove the Influence

Get the low down on drugs and their risks.

Web resourceMedlinePlus: Teens Page

This service of the U.S. National Library of Medicine and the National Institutes of Health offers trusted health information for teens.

Web resourceSTRYVE: Striving to Reduce Youth Violence Everywhere

The National Youth Violence Prevention Resource Center for teens is designed to "share information about prevention programs, publications, research, and statistics on violence committed by and against young people."

Web resourceResponse

A local Skokie organization that features a teen drop-in center. Response provides prevention, outreach, counseling, and sexual health services in a teen-friendly environment that empowers youth to make healthy life choices.


This award-winning national website is written by teens for teens on teen sexual health issues.

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