Teen Poetry Contest Winner for 2002
Maggie Fair
St. Joan of Arc School, grade 6

When the Stars Know Your Secrets

You begin to wonder why things happen the way they do,
You wonder why your heart is as fragile
As sugar glass and why others are not
The same way.
You stare aimlessly at the night and wonder why the stars don’t tell your
Secrets and the moon tell your fears
You wonder why he doesn’t know the same thing
The stars do and why the moon shows no face
When the stars know your secrets
The sky is the limit, all rules are carried away
With the wind
And all boundaries
Become boundless

Maggie's poem appears in the April 2003 issue of VOYA magazine.  It was one of five winning poems in VOYA's national teen poetry contest.  Judges of the contest stated "The trick to writing good poetry is saying something completely new, or taking a familiar subject and expressing it in a way that no one else has, giving it a new twist.  These five poets have all done that.  Taking a commonplace theme ... and making it come alive with vivid imagery is a true talent."